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WalkJogRun App now includes an Apple Watch App

WalkJogRun GPS Apple Watch  App

See overall pace for the run including total miles and duration

Current lap view for WalkJogRun GPS Apple Watch App

See your pace, distance and duration for the current lap

Try the new Apple Watch app for WalkJogRun.

We know it sucks to have to take your phone out of an armband or pocket and unlock it to see your pace!

We’ve added two simple screens for your paired Apple Watch. Get the app update.

Once you start a workout on the phone, open the companion Apple Watch app to see your current lap pace, distance and duration.

Swipe right to see the overall stats for your workout: overall pace, total distance and total duration.

How can you use it?

As the owner and developer of the app and the watch app I wanted to build something that feels like I’m using a GPS watch, without having to upgrade to the Apple Watch 2!

Regular runs:

I set the lap distance to 1 mile, pace coach on and set to about a minute slower than my goal race pace with the tolerance set to +/- 20 seconds. This way the pace coach keeps me close to a good easy/recovery run pace but if I’m feeling good I can go a bit faster, or if I’m struggling it lets me go a little slower.

The watch shows me the pace for each mile so I can keep an eye on how I’m doing.  If it’s a longer run I swipe to overall pace to get an idea of how far I’ve gone overall and if I’m locked in on my goal pace.


If I’m doing a 1 mile warm up, quarter mile intervals and then a 1 mile cooldown I set the lap distance to 0.25 miles and disable the pace coach (since it’s going to give you the overall pace feedback which isn’t what you want doing speed work!).

Since my warm up is 1 mile my first speed interval comes when I hear “lap 4 completed” and I start the fast segment of my run. I look at the watch every 20 seconds, raising it a few seconds before I glance down to let it update with the latest info from the phone. I can see if I’m ahead or behind my goal pace and make adjustments.

As a speed interval ends I use the watch to monitor my recovery interval to make sure I’m going slow enough to recover ready for the next interval.

After the last speed interval I do the 4 laps (=1 mile) to do my cooldown and make sure I’m not running the recovery too fast.

Pacing: I typically run speed intervals at the pace from a recent 5k race

Tempo runs:

If I’m not using the Apple Watch I don’t have a warmup and cooldown for tempo runs so I can let the pace coach keep me with 5 seconds of my goal pace and just listen to the speed up, slow down alerts.

If I’m using the Apple Watch I disable the pace coach since I’ll be glancing at the watch but set the lap goal at 1 mile so I can watch my 1 mile splits.  I do my warmup mile and lock in my easy pace before accelerating for my tempo miles in the middle. Like the intervals I glance at the watch every 20-30 seconds and check I’m on pace. I like to stick to goal tempo pace +/- 5 seconds.  Then I wrap up with 1 mile at recovery pace again.

Pacing: I typically run tempo runs at my goal marathon or half-marathon pace to get an idea of what it feels like to run my goal pace over gradually increasing distances.

How can I start using the app on my Apple Watch?

Just download the latest app update from the App Store (and leave us a great review!)

What if I don’t have an Apple Watch?

The tips above on using the pace coach will help you slow down when you need to slow down or speed up when you need to speed up. Pick sensible, achievable paces based on your own abilities.

Use the WalkJogRun Pace Calculator with a recent race result to get some ideas of equivalent paces at different distances.

The latest app update fixes the bug where Google Maps and other map types were no longer working.

If you have any questions or ideas about the app or the site, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Adam and Jeff

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