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9 really challenging running goals that go beyond a single race

9  really challenging running goals beyond a single  a raceMaybe you finally broke the 30-minute mark in the 5K. Or crossed the marathon off of your bucket list. Perhaps you even ran a race you had your sights set on for years.

Now what?

Some runners are thinking long-term and beyond one race when it comes to running goals. If you have the desire, time, and money, consider these really challenging running goals:

  1. 50 marathons in 50 states. There is at least one marathon in each of the 50 states in the USA. To plan out your 50 marathons, head over to Running in the USA where they arrange races by states.
  2. 50 races in 50 states. If marathons aren’t your thing, why not just complete a race of any distance in each of the US states? This challenge is likely a little easier from a logistics standpoint because if you have to head to California for a work trip and Colorado for wedding this year, you could likely find a small race to run while you’re in town.
  3. 52 marathons in 52 weeks. Running in the USA also arranges marathons by weekends. It appears that there is at least one marathon every weekend for the entire year, so it’s a doable goal. Think of all of the frequent flier miles you’ll rack up!
  4. 52 races in 52 weeks. Again, this option will be easier on your body – and wallet – than 52 marathons. If you live in a highly populated area, you may even be able to complete 52 races in a year without traveling.
  5. 25 half marathons in 25 states. If half marathons are your jam, consider running 25 halves in 25 states – which is exactly half of the 50 marathons in 50 states challenge. An added bonus to this goal is that you can be more selective with your travels.
  6. Run across the USA. Take the summer and run the approximately 2,900 miles from San Francisco to New York City. If you log about 30 miles each day, you can complete the journey in the 99 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If that’s too easy, run from Seattle to Key West, which will cover closer to 3,500 miles.
  7. Run the length of the USA in one year. Most people can’t take months off from their lives to literally run across the USA. But you may be able to complete 2900 miles, the distance between San Francisco and New York City, in one year. That breaks down to about 56 miles per week.
  8. A marathon (or race of any distance) on each continent. There are marathons on every continent – yup, there’s an Antarctica Marathon. What better way to see all of the earth’s continents than by foot?
  9. Run the 6 world marathon majors. If you don’t want to run on every continent, you can stick to just three and complete the world marathon major marathons. The majors include the Tokyo Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon, Boston Marathon, London Marathon, and Berlin Marathon. Bonus points if you complete all of these races within one calendar year.

What’s your biggest running goal?

Written by Jen Matz.

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