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Muggy weather and turtles

This morning was a 7 mile run and I could tell when I woke up at 6.10am it was going to be humid. Outside the door to the building it hit me immediately – 72 degrees and 82% humidity. There were several weird consequences of this: The low mist hanging over the edges of the […]

Treadmill Trouble

This morning I mentioned that I was going to run at the gym this evening to avoid the humidity currently smothering Chicago. I did go but it was a really bad time to go. I thought my luck was in as I asked a guy sat next ot his bag on the bus if I […]

Delay of Game

I'm feeling the jetlag today. I flew back from England to Chicago yesterday and I woke up this morning and I feel like I would had I been drinking last night. That said I was not up for a 6.20am 3 mile run so I'm going to go tonight after work. There has been a […]

Lucky for some, 13

It was with great trepadation that I set off on my 13 mile run this morning. Staying at my mum's house in Hazel Grove is nice and relaxing with some beatiful scenery so I plotted my 13 mile route through New Mills, Marple and then back to her house. The first problem with the run […]

First British 3 mile

Well, for me at least since my teenage years! I landed at Manchester Airport 7.30am this morning and after the traditional bacon butties (bacon sandwiches) and several mugs of tea, I was left to my own devices so I plotted out this 3 mile loop around Hazel Grove. I haven't run in my home town […]

Whoops, nearly missed my flight

For several months now I've had my flight time written in under today's date for my trip back to England. Except last night as I checked the flight status I realized that if I'd read a little closer, the time I wrote down was for the first incarnation of my bachelor party which involved Ireland […]

Six at six

I thought I would blog my run separately from the Nike+iPod Sport Kit review I posted a few minutes ago. You can tell by the amount of time it took me to get around to blogging today that I'm sleepy. I woke at 6am to do my 6 miles today and only a second Starbucks […]

Nike+iPod Sport Kit Preview and Nike+

Great job by Nike and Apple in marketing their new collaboration: Nike+iPod Sport Kit. I saw an ad this morning, my friend Jeff sent me an email to the Apple site and then Fred, the CTO at my company told me about an article in the Wall Street Journal today. I took a look through […]

Achy, breaky legs

As I suspected, my legs haven't recovered from the one-two punch combo of a 12 mile run on Saturday and the soccer in the park on Sunday. The 3 mile run this morning left me feeling exhausted with the whole day ahead of me. A footnote is that I had a little white wine last […]

Hard cross training day

Yesterday was supposed to be a mellow cross training day, especially after my first 12 mile run ever on Saturday but it didn't work out that way. Melissa's cousins were in town for her JD graduation weekend and, since they didn't want to go shopping, I took them to a field next to the tennis […]