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Midweek miles piling up

Today was the first 6 mile midweek run for me and I'm glad to say it went off without a hitch with a time of 48:51. I hit the snooze for 20 minutes to try to sleep off the last of the ballpark hotdogs I scoffed as the Cubs beat the Nationals last night at Wrigley Field.
The weather was perfect for my 6.20am run at 63 degrees and very little wind. Lake Michigan was still and reminded me of the movie “Dead Calm”. The first mile of the run I was just on autopilot with my brain not really awake yet; by the second I had recovered and was busy plotting out my day in my head and by the third I was jamming along to “hazy shade of winter” by Simon and Garfunkel. It's strange how my mind ebbs in and out during the longer runs. It really helps me to plan my day out in my head because typically the runs pass by while I'm distracted. If I start to feel the run more I find myself concentrating harder on the music instead. Then there are the times when I just stare at the beautiful scenery as the sun climbs above the lake and the barn swallows zoom around me as I run.