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Done for the day

Today was my long run at 12 miles and I'm glad to say that I made it. This was the first run of my training where I felt truly daunted by the prospect of 4 laps of my 3 mile route. Melissa isn't training for the marathon with me but she mentioned on Thursday that next year when she isn't planning our wedding or studying for the bar or looking for a job she would be able to get stuck in and train with me so we can do the Chicag Marathon together. In the meantime, she'll hang in there for one lap with me so she was my pacer for the first 3 miles. This works well for me since I often find myself starting faster than I should when faced with a long run so we made it in 28:35 before she dropped out to go and shower. The next 9 miles were steady at 24:51, 24:17 and 23:23 for each 3 mile lap.
As I started the final lap, I passed a swarm of Team in Training runners. If anyone reading this doesn't feel like they could do a marathon training on their own, the Team in Training groups are well known for helping thousands of runners each year to participate in races by connecting like minded runners and providing motivational tips. Not only that but the runners raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society so it's worth a look.
Today was my first experiment with Clif Shots and I'm sad to say that Mmmm chocolate was not what I needed 6 miles into a 12 mile run. It tasted like treacle and took three mouthfulls of water to swill away. I have a Sonic Strawberry one to try next week but if anyone has an favorite flavors to recommend please let me know with a comment!
I have a water bottle by Ultimate Direction which sits in the middle of my back and is really comfortable to run with. I try to take a mouthful or two every three mile lap and it works for me at the current temperature but I think I'll need to up that as it warms up from 56 degrees to 70 in the coming months.
Next week's long run is going to be awful since I'm going home to England for my bachelor party in Leeds on Friday. This means next Saturday will be impossible for a run so I am planning to do it on Sunday instead. It will be good practice since my mum's house in Hazel Grove is in an area with a few more hills than here in Chicago and will be good practice for San Francisco. I'll be using WalkJogRun UK to plot a 4 mile route so I can do the 13 miles and then walk the last mile.