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Nike+iPod Sport Kit Preview and Nike+

Great job by Nike and Apple in marketing their new collaboration: Nike+iPod Sport Kit. I saw an ad this morning, my friend Jeff sent me an email to the Apple site and then Fred, the CTO at my company told me about an article in the Wall Street Journal today. I took a look through the promotional material to rough a preview together (without actually having one). If anyone knows how I can become part of the beta to try one please contact me adamhowitt at gmail dot com!
Nike+iPod Sport Kit Concept:
Apple and Nike have worked together to create a wireless receiver that plugs into the bottom of your iPod nano and the device itself which you slip in your shoe. Unless I'm mistaken, it is a regular pedometer but the iPod nano not only logs your run but provides audio feedback (2 miles to go) and helps provide mixes to run to with a “power song” feature to play a previously selected song when you need that final boost of speed.
The features that stood out most to me were

  • iTunes sport music section to the iTunes site, including iMixes specifically targetted at sport
  • audio feedback of your progress over your headphones e.g. 1 mile to go, 30 mins completed
  • Workout type selection includes a time, calorie or distance goal
  • An integrated website for your data at nike+ where your running history is tracked any time you sync your iPod nano and you can invite your friends to a challenge to see who can run 500 miles first or something similar. The new functionality launches July 13th 2006 according to the blurb on their site

It only mentions the iPod nano but I hope they update the software for the mini too since I think they take the same connector. I'd hate to have to buy the Nike+iPod Sport Kit AND a new iPod nano too.
The Apple website has a great overview of the Nike+iPod Sport Kit product including links to the nikeplus website.