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Six at six

I thought I would blog my run separately from the Nike+iPod Sport Kit review I posted a few minutes ago. You can tell by the amount of time it took me to get around to blogging today that I'm sleepy. I woke at 6am to do my 6 miles today and only a second Starbucks saved me about an hour ago. Despite a good night's rest I was still sleepy after my run although my run itself was fairly easy. I did the first 3 miles without my music today to give myself something to look forward to for the last 3 and it worked like a charm. I made it around the first 3 miles in 24:44 and the last 3 (with music) in 24:04 for a total of 48:48.
The biggest (and most embarrassing) problem of today's run was that after lap 2 I realized that the dinner from last night had proceeded through my digestive system much quicker than my usual evening meals and I had to concentrate really hard to finish the remaining four miles faster to get home to the bathroom in time! For future reference, stir-fry scallops were the culprit. I think in the future I'll stick to my regular schedule of chicken + veg + rice or similar simple meals the night before any longer runs. I realize that is quite a gross thing to share but I know I'm not the only runner who has been stuck in this position.