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Whoops, nearly missed my flight

For several months now I've had my flight time written in under today's date for my trip back to England. Except last night as I checked the flight status I realized that if I'd read a little closer, the time I wrote down was for the first incarnation of my bachelor party which involved Ireland and lots of Guinness but since most folks couldn't make it and my mum wanted to see me I rescheduled the flight for England instead… but 3 hours earlier. So I'm leaving the office at 2.30pm today and flying home which means I was in the office at 7am.
Better yet, if Melissa hadn't turned to me at midnight and asked whether I had all my immigration paperwork in order for my trip I would have arrived at O'Hare expecting to travel internationally on my Illinois ID. I'm not usually this clutzy when it comes to travel but something about this trip seems doomed!
Needless to say this is a long winded way of saying I'm not going to be able to get that 3 mile run in today so I'm moving it to tomorrow (despite the fact I'll be jetlagged and pounced on by my nieces).
The next 2 posts should be written from jolly old England. Tally ho!