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First British 3 mile

Well, for me at least since my teenage years! I landed at Manchester Airport 7.30am this morning and after the traditional bacon butties (bacon sandwiches) and several mugs of tea, I was left to my own devices so I plotted out this 3 mile loop around Hazel Grove.
I haven't run in my home town since the days of cross-country at Stockport School with Mr Woolley the P.E. teacher so I wasn't sure how the hills were going to be. It turns out that there was just one part of the loop I planned which gets a little steep but it's over quickly and the 3 miles flew by. The weather was miserable with a fine drizzle but a little water never hurt anyone. That said, I just hope Sunday brings some fair weather since I have 4 laps of today's course to complete plus 1 extra mile to make it up to 13. Tonight is my stag do (bachelor party) so I hope I am fully recovered by Sunday.