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Lucky for some, 13

It was with great trepadation that I set off on my 13 mile run this morning. Staying at my mum's house in Hazel Grove is nice and relaxing with some beatiful scenery so I plotted my 13 mile route through New Mills, Marple and then back to her house.
The first problem with the run was that I didn't have my trusty iPod mini with me to keep me company so the whole run I was inside my own head thinking about how far I had run and how far I had to go. Prior to my run my mum had been making me nervous talking about how it seemed like too far and she was worried I might not make it home so of course I spent some time thinking about that. Even in my own mind I have some childhood memories of driving around the route, and back then it seemed to take forever in the car so that made it worse!
The biggest problem of all though was the hills along the way. I'm used to the flat midwest plains and the running path by Lake Michigan so to go from that to a long 4 mile climb up towards Lyme Park to start the run and then the rolling hills after that made for a really tough run. I didn't have my water bottle with me either so I was parched for most of the run.
The final problem was that my watch battery ran out yesterday so I wasn't able to monitor my pace to make sure I wasn't running too fast. I got around in 2:07 for the 13 miles but I'm not sure it was 13 miles any more because I forgot that WalkJogRun is just straight line, flat distance. My mum said she had measured it at one point in the car since she works in New Mills which is the half way point and thought that it was 7.5 miles there, making my run more like 15. I'm going to noodle on it this week and try to figure it out but that makes me feel better about the slower time if it really was 15.
I'm really glad I did the run – I was contemplating holding off til Monday when I get back to Chicago but the hills were a great challenge and some good prep for the San Francisco marathon. I'm exhausted now though so I may need a nap this afternoon before my adorable nieces turn up for Sunday dinner.