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Treadmill Trouble

This morning I mentioned that I was going to run at the gym this evening to avoid the humidity currently smothering Chicago. I did go but it was a really bad time to go. I thought my luck was in as I asked a guy sat next ot his bag on the bus if I could take the seat his bag was occupying. He obliged but as I sat down, I realized that the back seat was really hot. I thought this wouldn't be a problem but since the Cubs were playing tonight this meant my bus took nearly 50 minutes to make it up to Addison and Lake Shore so I was cooked by the time I got off. As the bus drove away it looked like the engine was burning as black smoke gushed out of the back.
The gym was almost as hot as it was outside and due to the rush, I'd left my iPod at home. I started the treadmill at an 8 min 30 mile pace or 7 miles per hour. I looked down after what felt like a mile to see just 4 minutes had passed! In a flash of inspiration I thought I would see how much of my 13 mile run from Sunday I could remember. I focussed on a point directly ahead of me and then let my mind drift to the start of the run down Torkington Road to the park.
As I pictured myself reaching mile 3 of the run in my mind, I looked down and the panel read 1 mile complete so I cranked it to 8 min mile pace and continued the run in my head on to New Mills and cutting back to the Sportsman pub and the couple out walking their dog who stepped aside so as not to interrupt my run. I looked down again and mile 2 was gone. I pushed the speed up to 7 minute 30 mile pace and by the time my mental recap of 13 miles was done the treadmill showed just 2 minutes left. I ran the last 2 minutes out and punched the cool down button in victory. This was a great way to bypass the boredom of a treadmill!