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Muggy weather and turtles

This morning was a 7 mile run and I could tell when I woke up at 6.10am it was going to be humid. Outside the door to the building it hit me immediately – 72 degrees and 82% humidity. There were several weird consequences of this:

  • The low mist hanging over the edges of the lake hiding some buildings but revealing others
  • The alternating patches of icy air and disgusting warmth
  • The enhanced smells in the air. Every blade of grass, every smoker walking along the path, every flower, every over-perfumed runner and every other little smell hung in little pockets as I ran

…not to mention the fact that the humidity completely changed a 7 mile run to feel like 12! The other factors in the mix today was that my run from yesterday was less than 12 hours before this run and the 20 minutes of stretching I did after that left my muscles a little tired.
In other news, I'm planning on taking a beginners yoga session on Monday nights with Melissa to help us relax during the wedding planning, help us do something together while things are getting busier and help me learn to stretch my muscles. I'm sure I'll be boring you with the details next Tuesday!