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Success in DC

On Wednesday I mentioned that I was unable to finish my 9 mile run on the treadmill so I am glad to announce that my 5 mile run yesterday was a success. I planned a loop leaving the North Bethesda Marriott to hit 5 miles but as I reached a bend in the road, I […]

Seriously, enough with the chafing!

I looked out of my hotel window at 5.45am yesterday morning and decided that running outside here in DC would have to wait and that the treadmill was a better option. I have commented before on how dislike treadmills but under the circumstances I felt like it would be the better choice. The gym here […]

Light run

When I started training for the marathon, Hal Higdon kept pointing out “Light runs” as 3,4 and 5 miles. I didn't ever think I'd see these distances in that light but I realized this morning that it was exactly that as I ran a relaxing 4 mile run to start the week. It's a nice […]

Challenging week ahead

As if cranking my weekly mileage up to 36 miles and increasing my longest run to 18 miles wasn't hard enough, I will have to complete 32 of those miles in DC this week as I attend a conference in Bethesda, Maryland leaving Tuesday coming back on Saturday morning. This is where I really get […]

12 miles, 2 glasses of red wine and 5 Guinness

Last night was another Chicago Flickr Meetup Group social and my friend Brian is visiting from Atlanta. So after a couple of glasses of red wine and 5 pints of Guinness last night this morning's run was always going to be a challenge. The temperature of 70 degrees was much more pleasant than the hideous […]

Important Revelation

I forgot to share my important revelation from last weekend. I have a pair of running shoes I bought for over a hundred dollars from Fleet feet here in Chicago. They measured my feet, watched me walk and run and then suggested pairs to fit. I spent a good 40 minutes trying different pairs on […]

Midweek Kick-up

Today is the first day of the “midweek kick-up” where the Thursday run increases from 4 to 5 miles. This week my scheduled runs are Tuesday 4 miles, Wednesday 8 miles, Thursday 5 miles and then 12 miles on Saturday for a total of 29 miles. The increase in midweek mileage falls on a week […]

Run from the rain

This morning was carefully scheduled to miss the rain and make my appointment at the Doctor to have my stitches out of my back. According to the weather forecasts, today was going to be miserable with a rapidly rising humidity and thunderstorms all starting early. As we woke at 5.45am the sun was shining through […]

Back to Normality

I started today's run with a little trepidation after the run on Saturday was such a challenge. The weather was back to normal today at 68 degrees with a gentle breeze. Most of the first mile was spent thinking about that run and so it felt uncomfortable until Smiley Faces by Gnarls Barkley came on. […]

Recovering well

I am recovering well after the 16 mile run on Saturday, both physically and mentally. Melissa and my sister offered valuable perspective that if I have to do the same thing on race day, at least I have some ideas to make sure I finish. My recovery yesterday was hampered by a night on the […]