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Rest and revise

Today is a rest day according to the master plan so I'm working on some changes to WalkJogRun to make the editing of routes a little clearer. Many of my visitors have made duplicate routes by mistake by adding extra points to an existing route and saving them. The new approach will require a user to be logged in to make changes to routes they own and when they hit save it will offer the option of saving changes to this route or save as a new route.
The second change is to require users to actively select “Edit this route” to allow them to continue adding points. Again, this is based on feedback from users who have pointed out that it can be frustrating to click on the map and have it automatically assume you were adding a new point when you have just saved the route.
The last change I want to integrate is to allow route owners to drag points on a route around to make small changes instead of having to start over again. This will also include adding new points in the middle of the route. This will improve the accuracy of the routes and encourage people to register and manage routes.
Once the changes are integrated and tested I'll post an update.