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WalkJogRun Accounts updated and Yoga

Yesterday, I completed the biggest item on the WalkJogRun todo list but wasn't able to get to the other 2 items I had planned. Now when you are logged in as a member on the site, you have the ability to delete routes you own without my intervention and you have the choice of saving changes to a route or saving the changes as a completely new route. The meat of this required setting and storing the owner of a route differently.
Today is another rest day for me but I am starting a yoga class this afternoon at Moksha Yoga Center. I've never done this kind of thing before so I'm a little nervous, especially in light of the impending mileage this week (4 miles Tuesday and Thursday, 7 miles Wednesday and a whopping great 15 miles on Saturday). I would be lying if I said the thought of 15 miles is anything other than daunting. As Melissa pointed out last night that is 5 laps of my 3 mile course. If anyone has any tips for dealing with this kind of stagefright, please add a comment!