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Running together

This morning the 7 miles flew by since Melissa was with me for the first 4. It's not that we talk all the way round, although we do talk some of the way, it just goes by quicker. We made 37:26 (9:35 average mile) for the four we did together and then I finished the last 3 in 22:27 (7:30 average mile). I feel really comfortable for having run 7 miles! My legs were a little stiff today, probably a delayed response to the yoga from Monday night. I'm interested if anyone has any good articles they can link to in a comment about thoughts on stretching before and after exercise. I've read conflicting opinions that can't agree whether stretching is good at all and when you should stretch. Is it better before exercise? After? Both? Currently I do a little calf stretch (a very little) and at the end of my run a gentle stretch of my hamstrings. Any comments, thoughts more than welcome!