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Life goes on

First a thank you to Darwyn for the comment on the last post. It's nice to keep the blog going for posterity but it's much nicer to be able to interact with other runners who are reading along.
The nice thing about having a training plan is that life doesn't have to stop because you are training for the marathon. The day off today allowed a night out with a friend at a couple of bars and it's good to know that I wouldn't have to get up and run with a hangover!
Today is the start of the World Cup with Germany facing Costa Rica at 11am. The good news is that since Disney/ABC secured the rights to the next 3 or 4 world cups, the games are on ESPN2 today. This is fantastic for all the young soccer fans who would have had to go to bars and pay 10 bucks to the leeches Setanta to watch the game at a bar. Tomorrow sees England face Paraguay at 8am and it is on ABC high definition. Personally I'll be at a bar with my Beckham England shirt on to soak up the atmosphere here in Chicago. This means my 15 mile run will take place early on Sunday morning, allowing me an extra day of rest since I felt exhausted yesterday when I ran.