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Anxiously waiting

I've finally decided on my game plan for tomorrow's big run of 15 miles. This is the furthest run I have ever attempted and I've been struggling with a way to tackle it. 1 x 15 mile loop was my first thought to prevent any monotony but having seen how much of Chicago that would include, I considered five laps of my regular 3 mile run. I thought about it and then settled on 3 laps of a new 5 mile loop I just worked out, taking the Lakefront path from Addison up to Foster, Simmonds Drive to Montrose and then back past Montrose Harbor along the side of the lake to Belmont Harbor and back around to Addison again.
An added complication tomorrow is that I have to be up at 5.45am to make the run at 6 since I mistakenly planned a Flickr Meetup for 9am. The whole wheat pasta dinner should be ready soon and I've been chugging water like crazy all night. It's been a good sports weekend for me so far this weekend as England beat Paraguay in the World Cup (albeit with an own goal forced by a great corner from Beckham); Sweden were held to a scoreless draw against Trinidad and Tobago and then to top it off, the Cubs beat the Reds after a great grand slam from Michael Barrett. Old School is on TBS and I've been planning our honeymoon to Greece, booking ferries and picking hotels. Good day all round.