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I did it!

15 miles down this morning with only a slight break half way through as I hit the porta potty. The trouble with waking up at 5.45am to run is that my body isn't awake and it didn't really wake up until mile 7 when it told me it was time. Thank heavens I run a loop with several pit stops! I tried the strawberry flavor clif shot this time and I have to say that it sucked too. So no chocolate, no strawberry. Maybe I need to try a few different brands and give them a shot when I'm not running to avoid the disappointment of 7 more miles with a nasty taste in my mouth.
I made it around in 2:03:49, an average of 8:15 per mile. An interesting aspect of the mind game of todays run was that I was terrified of running 15 miles but strangely enough, decided to make matters worse by trying a new route. The first time I run a new route I am typically slower and it feels like it is taking forever. Consequently my first 5 mile loop today was a real drag and I felt pretty uncomfortable all the way around for a time of 42:57. In contrast the first mile of the second loop whizzed by and the rest of the loop all just felt better, at 41:11. By the time I reached the third, the route no longer felt intimidating and it was the fastest of the three at 39:41.
I originally thought I had made my loop a little too rough and suspected that it was actually a little further than 5 miles. I just reworked the root using the new “save changes to your route” feature but noticed that I had cut over to early in the last mile so each lap was actually 4.89 miles, so my 15 miles actually turned out to be 14.67. Close enough but I'm a little mad about missing my turn when I could have taken a screen shot for a map to carry.
That reminds me, someone had asked if I could make it possible to print out the routes on WalkJogRun since if you try, the blue line overlays marking your route don't show. This is, I believe, intentional on Google's part since the license doesn't allow you to print and reproduce the maps other than for personal use and I haven't seen a Google Maps API site that has it working yet. The workaround is to hold down the ALT key and hit the print screen button. This copies the image to the clipboard so if you open something like Microsoft Word or a paint program and hold Control and press the V key (or go to Edit > Paste), your web browser including the route is pasted into the document.