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Yoga helps you run

I started yoga a week ago and had my second class last night. In itself it is a great way to stretch the muscles, relax, and the latest benefit I noticed on my run this morning is the improved focus. It helps you to focus on your breathing by just noticing how you are breathing, not trying to change anything. Using a soft focus 12 feet in front of me as I ran today, I left my headphones off for the first mile and focussed on my breathing and the feeling of the air coming into my chest and reaching down towards my stomach. This made the first mile go by much quicker mentally and I felt much less tired than usual on mile 1.
I put my headphones on for the last three miles but continued to pay attention to how I was breathing and how it felt. My overall time was 30:28 for an average of 7:37 and a best of 7:15. It's encouraging to see that I my average mile over similar distances has increased by 23 seconds since I started this blog!
I was disappointed yesterday to see the score of the USA game against the Czech Republic. I knew it would be a hard game but 3-0 is just such a morale blow for the team and the young fans who might be watching their first World Cup. Now they will have to pull off a major upset to take down Italy to maintain their chances of getting past the group stages.
I'm off to eat my oatmeal and maybe bike to work since it is “bike to work” week. Friday is officially bike to work day so I at least plan on doing it then.