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Hard 8 miles

The 8 mile run this morning started promising enough but the last mile it was really tough going. Today I did a split format loop where Melissa joined me for the first 3 miles around my regular loop in 27:45. As she left, I switched to the 5 mile loop created for my 15 mile last Sunday (which I have now updated so it is just over 5 instead of 4.89!)
The next 2 miles went well enought but as I reached the end of mile 5 it became clear that I needed a bathroom break and soon. The remainder of the run was spent concentrating on trying not to think about it.
This seems to be becoming a theme so it looks like I'm going to have to start my day an hour earlier whenever I have a long run since I'm not sure what else to do! This could be a problem on two counts. For my midweek run this means a 5am start instead of 6 which really is too early to get a good nights rest but secondly, I usually find that the longer I wait after waking up to run, the lower my motivation to run. Saturday shouldn't be a problem since I can get up at 8, run at 9 and be home by 11 after 16 miles so I guess once a week isn't too bad.
The good part of the run today was that the New Balance tech t-shirt made a huge difference in terms of nipple protection, keeping me cooler and generally more comfortable all round. Not bad for $20 from Sports Authority!