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4 miles, a new hard disk and some memory

The 4 mile run this morning was a steady, slow one as Melissa and I plodded around. It's just what I needed after a hard 8 mile run yesterday but more importantly, it's what I needed after working on the WalkJogRun server until midnight last night. I added some extra memory to the server and installed the 300GB hard disk I bought online. Now there is nothing to stop me moving the rest of my sites onto this machine so I don't have to pay a hosting fee any more. For those readers who are curious what else I get up to I offer you

  • MyPhotopia – a place for all my photos before I discovered flickr. I created MyPhotopia back in 2001 when I got my first digital camera
  • Adam Howitt's Blog – This is my web development blog of tips and tricks from my experience as a web developer

I also spoke with the Nike Media team yesterday for an update on the Nike+ and Apple sport kit. They seem on track for launch July 13th and I'm hoping to get my hands on one before the launch to provide a full review for my readers. Who am I kidding, I just think it would be a cool gadget!