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Disappointment today

I prepared perfectly for today's run: I didn't have any beers last night, I ate a good amount of turkey spaghetti last night, I got enough sleep and then woke up feeling fresh this morning. I woke up an hour before my run to make sure that nature's call couldn't disrupt my run and drank Gatorade for a quick carb boost. I loaded up my water bottle with more Gatorade (an attempt to avoid those nasty gel packs but still get the energy benefit) and donned my new sleeveless New Balance tech shirt after greasing up with both bodyglide for my nipples and factor 30 sunblock for my skin…
In a change from more recent conditions the temperature shot up from mid-60s to upper 80s here in Chicago but I felt prepared. I began my run slowly with an 8 minute mile but each subsequent split went the wrong way with mile 8 taking nine minutes. Not too bad I know but the way I felt at mile 8 I was already done facing another 8 miles and no Gatorade left in the bottle. By mile 9 the heat and my own stamina forced me to slam on the breaks and move to a run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute pattern for the next 4 miles at about 11 minutes for each mile. I stopped at each water fountain to refill my bottle to at least keep hydrated. I felt like such a sellout and to make matters worse, by mile 13 I had to stop running altogether and walked the next 2 1/2 miles at around 15 minutes per mile. The second half of mile 15 I was determined to push through and finish the run running. Consequently mile 15 took 10 minutes and the last mile came in at 8:16.
The final kicker of the run was that despite my bodyglide precautions and a new shirt, my nipple still got chafed so hard it bled all over the new white shirt and now stings like crazy.
My time was still 2 hours 39 minutes or an average of 10 minutes per mile but it's incredibly frustrating for me. Does anyone have any ideas about how I could have prepared differently, especially in light of the rediculous temperature jump? I would love to say it was just the heat but my willpower didn't help either. I'm just glad I insisted on finishing all 16 regardless of whether I walked or ran.
When I returned home, I ran myself a cold bath to sit and soak my weary legs while chugging water and a couple of Ibuprufen to keep down any swelling. One bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter (great protein boost) and one large mug of coffee later and I'm starting to feel a little better.
Lastly, I wanted to show you a list of all the WalkJogRun routes in the US since I started the Google maps version of the site a year ago. As I write this there are 7,975 routes in the system all over the world. It's interesting to see on the map that there is almost a line down the US from Minnesota down through the middle of texas where the majority of pins exist on the right hand side of the country except for a tight concentration of pins in San Francisco and all up and down the West coast. I understand that most of this is about geography but I still think it's an interesting effect. Here is the map