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Run from the rain

This morning was carefully scheduled to miss the rain and make my appointment at the Doctor to have my stitches out of my back. According to the weather forecasts, today was going to be miserable with a rapidly rising humidity and thunderstorms all starting early. As we woke at 5.45am the sun was shining through the window looking out across Lake Michigan while to the west, large black clouds loomed. Melissa and I raced outside and completed the first 3 miles with just a sprinkle of rain.
The last time we ran when it was raining, I advised Melissa that I thought her iPod Mini would be able to take a bit of rain. Unfortunately, the fast forward button ceased to work after that day so we didn't run with our iPods today for fear of further damage. After the 3 miles (28:00), Melissa headed home while I began my 5 mile loop. The humidity was obnoxious so I was actually hoping it would rain to offer some relief but it held out for the rest of my run. I finished the 8 miles in 1:09:59 and, except the feeling gross because of the humidity, I felt really good as I finished.