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Midweek Kick-up

Today is the first day of the “midweek kick-up” where the Thursday run increases from 4 to 5 miles. This week my scheduled runs are Tuesday 4 miles, Wednesday 8 miles, Thursday 5 miles and then 12 miles on Saturday for a total of 29 miles. The increase in midweek mileage falls on a week when the long run on Saturday is pegged back as a lull before the following weekend when I hit 18 miles so at least the program offers some breaks at least mentally despite the growth in mileage.
Melissa ran the first 3 of my 5 with me today and it was humid again but less hot than yesterday. Mile 4 was 8:03 and mile 5 was my fastest ever mile coming in at 6:57! Not bad for the last mile. Despite reading Dean Karnazes' excellent, inspiring book “Ultramarathon Man” I pointed out to Melissa that I am highly unlikely to step it up post-marathon to a 50 miler – running long is harder than I ever imagined. I get a kick out of the commitment it has instilled in me to train for the marathon but I don't know how much further I could run. I really enjoy 10k as a distance and would like to focus on getting my 10k time down once this is all done. That said, I've not finished my marathon yet and the buzz at the finish may be such that I feel the need to do another :-)