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Important Revelation

I forgot to share my important revelation from last weekend. I have a pair of running shoes I bought for over a hundred dollars from Fleet feet here in Chicago. They measured my feet, watched me walk and run and then suggested pairs to fit. I spent a good 40 minutes trying different pairs on before I settled on a pair that helped correct the pronation of my ankle and would offer support.
Okay, so what is the big revelation? I looked down at my sneaker style shoes on the bus and noticed the big hole on the side. I looked closer and realized that the tread was worn out too. I wear these shoes every day and until then it hadn't occurred to me that I may inadvertently jeopardizing my running by wearing knackered old shoes for 95% of the day! I immediately ordered some new shoes from the shoe mall and when I received them I gave them a good test and tried walking towards a mirror to see how my ankle held up. These shoes should last me past the marathon at least. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to head to Fleet Feet again this coming week to replace my running shoes since, apparently, a month out is the right time before a marathon to break in a new pair. I've started to get a tingling in the pad at the base of my little toe on my left foot when I'm running longer distances now which suggests that the new sneaks are overdue.