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12 miles, 2 glasses of red wine and 5 Guinness

Last night was another Chicago Flickr Meetup Group social and my friend Brian is visiting from Atlanta. So after a couple of glasses of red wine and 5 pints of Guinness last night this morning's run was always going to be a challenge. The temperature of 70 degrees was much more pleasant than the hideous 91 degree heat last week and the breeze made it a glorious day.
The first four miles really dragged as my body resisted. The pint of gatorade I drank before the run kicked in and I started to pick up, making the rest of the run fly by. It felt good to be sweating out the remains of last nights fun but it came at a price. In my haze as I left the house I had forgotten to lube up or apply band aids to my already chafed chest. By the time I finished the run I looked like a Marilyn Manson album cover. To protect the innocent I didn't include the picture inline but for the curious reader you can see the “after shot” here.
The run was pretty fast at 1:34:11 for 12 miles, or an average of 7:50 per mile. I need to shower now so I can head out for brunch to refuel.