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Challenging week ahead

As if cranking my weekly mileage up to 36 miles and increasing my longest run to 18 miles wasn't hard enough, I will have to complete 32 of those miles in DC this week as I attend a conference in Bethesda, Maryland leaving Tuesday coming back on Saturday morning.
This is where I really get a kick out of my site WalkJogRun. I typed in the zip code of the hotel and was able to see 5 routes in the neighborhood around the hotel. I selected one at nearly 4 miles and then made my own similar route using the hotel as a starting point. Next time you are travelling somewhere and think you'll be stuck without a route, give it a shot to see if anyone has already done the work for you, with 8577 routes worldwide.
My long run on Saturday will either have to be really early (4am or so) or I'll have to wait until I land back in Chicago and have watched England's World Cup quarter final soccer match against Portugal.