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Light run

When I started training for the marathon, Hal Higdon kept pointing out “Light runs” as 3,4 and 5 miles. I didn't ever think I'd see these distances in that light but I realized this morning that it was exactly that as I ran a relaxing 4 mile run to start the week. It's a nice distance at a nice pace to stretch out the muscles after the break following the long run on Saturday. Talking during the run isn't a problem and I come back feeling really good and ready for the day.
In a continuing run of silly mistakes, I realized yesterday that the 4 mile route I plotted for my trip to DC is useless since my two runs while I'm there are 9 and 5 miles. Hmmmm. Genius. Not to mention the fact that I may need water wings based on the weather reports I've been watching. Tomorrow morning should be 80 degrees with a 20% chance of rain but the nasty part is the 97% humidity prediction. Gross.