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Seriously, enough with the chafing!

I looked out of my hotel window at 5.45am yesterday morning and decided that running outside here in DC would have to wait and that the treadmill was a better option. I have commented before on how dislike treadmills but under the circumstances I felt like it would be the better choice. The gym here at the Marriott North Bethesda has some great new treadmills with fans on the side to keep you cool but the gym itself was so warm it was uncomfortable before I even stepped on. At 7.5mph (8 min mile) I bounded along for 7 minutes before quitting 2 miles short of my 9 mile target for the day due to the heat and a complete lack of focus. The worst part is that due to silly heat and my sweating like crazy I had not only managed to chafe both my nipples to the point of bleeding again but also my back where my stitches came out last week. This is doubly annoying since I thought the BandAids would be sufficient to prevent injury but as I pulled up my shirt they had vanished. Arg.
Today I will be running outside once the ColdFusion conference gets out for the day. It's pretty warm here at but still probably cooler than the gym ;-) I'm probably going to run without my shirt to circumvent any further chafing injuries. So with that I apologize to anyone in the Bethesda region in advance for the shock of seeing a pasty white British guy racing around the streets.