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Success in DC

On Wednesday I mentioned that I was unable to finish my 9 mile run on the treadmill so I am glad to announce that my 5 mile run yesterday was a success. I planned a loop leaving the North Bethesda Marriott to hit 5 miles but as I reached a bend in the road, I forgot to turn and carried on running. None of the waypoints I'd noted down were to be seen so rather than turn around and head back to the point I think I missed, I ran for 20 minutes which is where my 8 minute mile pace would usually mean I had covered 2.5 miles and ran a little further just in case. When I returned to the hotel I discovered that my guess was pretty close at 4.96 miles. If you take into account the fact that the hotel is at the top of a hill and all points lead down, then my 44:36 time was respectable, especially on an unfamiliar route.
Today is carb loading day ahead of the monster 18 miles I have to run when I get home to Chicago. Thanks to Joe N. for his comment yesterday with tips to prevent the painful, irritating problem of nipple chafing with a body compression shirt like Under Armor. I don't think I'll have it in time for my run without a special trip. I'll be using bigger, stickier band-aids at least to help prevent the pain. Melissa has booked me in for a sports massage at Lincoln Park Massage tomorrow after the run to help promote a quick recovery so I'm really excited to be doing that. My company also just announced an additional day off on Monday so this means a really good long weekend, returning to work on Wednesday! Since Melissa will be studying you can expect at least one or two new WalkJogRun features to be released so stay tuned…