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Disappointment today

I prepared perfectly for today's run: I didn't have any beers last night, I ate a good amount of turkey spaghetti last night, I got enough sleep and then woke up feeling fresh this morning. I woke up an hour before my run to make sure that nature's call couldn't disrupt my run and drank […]

Welcome rest day

I'm glad to have a rest day today ahead of tomorrow's 16 mile run. I've no idea where I'm going to run yet but wherever I run I know it's going to be stinkingly hot with the high set to hit 91 tomorrow here in Chicago. The hourly forecast at weather.com shows that even if […]

4 miles, a new hard disk and some memory

The 4 mile run this morning was a steady, slow one as Melissa and I plodded around. It's just what I needed after a hard 8 mile run yesterday but more importantly, it's what I needed after working on the WalkJogRun server until midnight last night. I added some extra memory to the server and […]

Lincoln Park

After my run on Sunday I met up with some Chicago Flickr people to stroll around Lincoln park with my new digital camera. As we wandered by Belmont Harbor I thought I would take a photo for my blog to let anyone not lucky enough to live in Chicago or to visit to see the […]

Hard 8 miles

The 8 mile run this morning started promising enough but the last mile it was really tough going. Today I did a split format loop where Melissa joined me for the first 3 miles around my regular loop in 27:45. As she left, I switched to the 5 mile loop created for my 15 mile […]

Yoga helps you run

I started yoga a week ago and had my second class last night. In itself it is a great way to stretch the muscles, relax, and the latest benefit I noticed on my run this morning is the improved focus. It helps you to focus on your breathing by just noticing how you are breathing, […]

Painful omission

I don't know how I managed to forget this yesterday when reporting the success of my run but I experienced my first jogger's nipple injury. It didn't hurt while I was running but as I stood in front of the mirror waiting for the elevator to my apartment floor I noticed a large, gross, red […]

New icons and a rest day

I'm taking it easy today after the 15 mile (14.67) run from yesterday. Unfortunately, my decision to move the run to Sunday so I could watch the England football match means I only have today to recover instead of the usual two days. Tonight is yoga too so I'm sure I'll be stiff again tomorrow. […]

I did it!

15 miles down this morning with only a slight break half way through as I hit the porta potty. The trouble with waking up at 5.45am to run is that my body isn't awake and it didn't really wake up until mile 7 when it told me it was time. Thank heavens I run a […]

Anxiously waiting

I've finally decided on my game plan for tomorrow's big run of 15 miles. This is the furthest run I have ever attempted and I've been struggling with a way to tackle it. 1 x 15 mile loop was my first thought to prevent any monotony but having seen how much of Chicago that would […]