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Life goes on

First a thank you to Darwyn for the comment on the last post. It's nice to keep the blog going for posterity but it's much nicer to be able to interact with other runners who are reading along. The nice thing about having a training plan is that life doesn't have to stop because you […]

Another 4 miles down

Melissa joined me again today for the 4 mile run so once again it flew by. I'm not sure if it was more hangover from the yoga on Monday but when I woke up this morning my body felt like I had been hit by a truck! Just a general all over tiredness, which doesn't […]

Running together

This morning the 7 miles flew by since Melissa was with me for the first 4. It's not that we talk all the way round, although we do talk some of the way, it just goes by quicker. We made 37:26 (9:35 average mile) for the four we did together and then I finished the […]

Quick one today

In two senses, today is a quick one: a post and the run. My run flew by at 30:28 for 4 miles for an average of 7:37 per mile. It's not that i'm trying to run fast but as I get more comfortable with these shorter distances (and fitter) it just seems to happen, which […]

WalkJogRun Accounts updated and Yoga

Yesterday, I completed the biggest item on the WalkJogRun todo list but wasn't able to get to the other 2 items I had planned. Now when you are logged in as a member on the site, you have the ability to delete routes you own without my intervention and you have the choice of saving […]

Rest and revise

Today is a rest day according to the master plan so I'm working on some changes to WalkJogRun to make the editing of routes a little clearer. Many of my visitors have made duplicate routes by mistake by adding extra points to an existing route and saving them. The new approach will require a user […]

10 miles plus some more

For a weekend, this morning was an early run, leaving the house at 7am to hit the course for a 10 mile run in 1:20:53 or an 8:05 average mile. It was a hot run this morning with very little relief from the breeze so I had to rely on the water in my bottle. […]

Day off revelations

In addition to my marathon training, I've been reducing my caloric intake to try to lose around 20 pounds in preparation for the wedding and my honeymoon in Greece. This has typically involved soup each lunch time and then something resembling the Healthy Choice meals for dinner. I came across the nutrition tips on the […]

Course topographies

I was just looking at the San Francisco marathon topography and wondered what it would look like for the 13 mile run I did on Sunday. I exported my route to Google Earth and then as you hover the mouse over each mile marker it gives you the elevation. I made a table in Excel […]

No turtle today

I think I forgot to mention why the title said turtle yesterday. I'm not sure if it was the steamy conditions that brought him out but a turtle had crawled out of the pond area at the end of Sydney R. Marovitz golf course. He was about 12 inches wide and by my second lap […]