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Leavin, on a jet plane

Tomorrow we leave Chicago for San Francisco and I can't believe it's here. I'm excited and anxious at the same time. It's my longest run ever on one hand but on the other my training has been such a wonderful, life changing experience that it almost feels like just another run. I'm sure Sunday I'll […]

Lazy you just stay in bed

Yup. Today's run was postponed until tomorrow after I woke up and felt a little hungover after Melissa and I celebrated her finishing the bar exam yesterday. Tonight we're off to Everest restaurant to indulge her for her hard work – her own version of the marathon. 3 months of studying over now it's time […]

We're not gonna take it

Thank to regular reader and co-worker Drew for the title suggestion for today – “We're not gonna take it”. It came about as I was discussing my disappointment late yesterday afternoon when I discovered that San Francisco doesn't actually have a 10 minute mile running pace group! The 10 minute mile pace group is a […]

We're gonna make a supersonic man out of you

I was reading more in Hal Higdon's Marathon about training intensity during the taper and in an effort to keep myself in peek condition for this coming Sunday when I take on 26.2 miles I ran fast this morning on my 3 miles. My splits of 8:08, 7:20 and 8:02 gave me an average of […]

Easy like Sunday morning

I'm on a rest day today, nothing is planned, the coffee tastes good, the weather is warm and a nice breeze is blowing in through the window. Yesterday I posted about the competition for a tagline before I went on my 8 mile run but then neglected to write about the run which I'm sure […]

I got a name….

…now all I need is a tagline. I've been trying to think of a tagline for WalkJogRun for some time and it occurred to me that some of the visitors to the site may have some good ideas. If you could add a comment to this entry with your idea for the WalkJogRun tagline, the […]

Running with the night

Okay, that song title was a bit of a stretch but after missing the run this morning due to the storm Melissa and I just got back from 3 miles and it is 8:10pm. There is such a different feel to running in the evening and I can't explain why. I'm excited because Melissa is […]

Waiting for the Sun

Just as I woke up this morning an explosion of thunder boomed outside and as I looked outside the rain was coming down hard. I decided that my 3 mile run could wait until tomorrow. It felt good to be a slacker and it will help give my ankle a little rest. The last few […]

Bring the Noise

Today's post title is inspired the chatty ladies who we came across today as I ran 6 miles, the first 3 with Melissa. At the end of mile 1 our path converged with one from Montrose Harbor and four women came bounding along the path and ran about 10 feet behind us. Over the volume […]

Under pressure

Today's run was mostly uncomfortable for me – tired, hot and hungry. Yesterday, due to problems encountered launching the new look and feel of the Chicago Park District website I didn't leave my desk except for bathrooom breaks so all I got to eat was granola bars and pop tarts until mid afternoon. Needless to […]