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18 Miles Done!

On a muggy Chicago morning I left the Fairmont at 7.30am and walked to the start of my 18 mile route. We were staying at the hotel as a special treat for Melissa as she moves into the last month of bar preparation. The massage yesterday was great and really helped put me in a good frame of mind for the run, in addition to the plush king size bed at the hotel.
Back to the run. I headed south from Wacker and Lake Shore along the running path towards the museum campus. The run continued on past the taste of Chicago where the vendors were all preparing for another day of crazy July 4th weekend visitors. At the museum campus I went around the perimeter and then headed north to the North Avenue Beach hut where the heavens opened seconds after my iPod ran out of power. I took a bathroom break and then continued through the rain all the way back to our apartment at Addison and Lake Shore. It was disappointing to see our place and know that there were another 6 miles left to run. I waved up to the cat who was, I am sure, sat in the window and turned to head south again. At mile 15 I hit a physical and mental wall and had to begin running 2 minutes with a 1 minute break until the last mile when I opened up and just ran hard.
It felt great to finish in 2:32:22 and the most exciting news is that the “tough strips” band-aids Melissa picked up protected my nipples so I ran without any chafing! Melissa had read on runner's world that they should be placed vertically for best protection.
I didn't realize until I returned to the room that my back had bled again where my stitches were taken out so I will need to add an extra band-aid there too. A hot bath, a quick shower, three advil, plenty of water and an in-room breakfast all helped the recovery process. 3 big pancakes, a smoothy and some coffee was exactly what I needed to put something back in the tank. Now it's movie time as I relax and put my feet up. Enter the squid and the whale…