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Cool 9 miles

What a glorious day to run 9 miles! It was 65 degrees at 6am when I began my run this morning with Melissa so the first 3 miles flew by (as they always do when I run with someone else). She cut out after the first lap of our 3 mile loop and I ran on for another 2 laps to finish. The breeze along the lake front was perfect too so the only thing spoiling it was the debris from the late night revellers who woke me up at 2.30am with July 5th fireworks. I felt like going out there to tell them they were two hours too late but they soon ran out of ammunition and I drifted back to sleep.
I forgot to mention yesterday that my iPod mini survived the rain on Sunday as I ran my 18 miles. The only casualty was the hold button which prevents your iPod from accidentally coming on in your bag. Oh, and since the iPod was out of juice for most of that run and I ran with my headphones around my neck, it turns out I lost one of the foam covers for the left earpiece rendering them useless. This means that until I replace them I am stuck with some useless earbuds. Am I the only runner with ears that sweat when I run? Earbuds just bounce straight out so the headphones that worked were Sony MDR-G42LP “Street Style” with a balance bar that hangs over your neck. I highly recommend them to anyone who finds it hard to run with headphones.