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You spin me right round, baby right round

Today I had 5 miles to run but I was feeling a little sleepy as I trekked across the park to my start line. That explains why I went to the wrong start line on my loop: I have a 3 mile loop so 5 miles is 1 lap plus 2 miles. Since I know my mile markers on the route I usually walk across the park to the start of the third mile and run clockwise when I need to run 4 and if I need to run 5 I start from the regular start and finish at this point instead, but always running clockwise.
When I realized I'd trekked to the 4 mile start point I realized that I could do 5 and finish in front of my building if I just ran anti-clockwise (counter clockwise if you insist). Seems simple enough eh? Wrong. I have run approximately 300 miles or 100 laps of this course in a clockwise direction and running it the opposite direction for the first time really messed with my head. It almost felt like my body was trying to turn me around every step of the way! I'm sure it was good for me in some way but it freaked me out, even though it was a short run.
I made it around in 38:49 or a mile average of 7:45. Tomorrow is a rest day thankfully so I can lie in an extra hour before a 14 mile run on Saturday. This is the fallback run after the 18 mile last Sunday and helps recover before I do the 20 mile run a week on Saturday. 24 days to the marathon and 80 days to my wedding. Clocks ticking everywhere…