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Hot in the city, hot in the city tonight

Well maybe not tonight but right now the weather on yahoo claims that it is 83 degrees but to me it felt more like 90. Today I had a long run of 14 miles which should have been easier than it was. At mile 12 I had to take it down to a brief walk for a split of 11:31 before picking it back up again to finish with a 9:10 mile and a total time of 2:02:35. That is an average of 8:45 per mile for the run. Given the conditions I guess that was okay but it still scares me that next week I'm running 20 miles, and then in 3 weeks I run the San Francisco marathon. I'm sure it's natural to feel a little scared but when you're the one who is scared, it doesn't help to know that!
After the run I came back and sat in front of the A/C unit on a towel alternating between two basic yoga poses – downward facing dog and child's pose. These two poses really help to stretch/ warm down my legs after a long run. The funny thing today was that each time I did downward facing dog, the cat kept coming over to the side of the towel and pouncing on it. It's almost like she was saying “I'm not sure what this dog thing is, but I don't like it”. Or maybe I'm just crazy. Time for a shower. Have a good running weekend.