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Have you ever seen the rain?

I woke up to the sound of cars driving in the rain and knew it would have to be a 5 mile run without music today. The good news is that with it came some cooler temperatures. It's 67 degrees right now which is great for running in.
After a hard run on Saturday with tired legs I finally gave in and bought a new pair of runnings shoes to break in for the marathon. The girl at fleet feet when I bought the last pair suggested I buy an identical pair 1 month before the marathon to break them in but I am nearly 2 weeks late on that front. It felt great to run in them this morning and the 5 miles was very straightforward. I also picked up two new pairs of my favorite running socks by Balega, a thin moisture wicking hat to keep the sun out of my eyes (not today) and some new energy gel packets to try to find something I can actually eat on the run without feeling nauseous. Rather than try them on a run and risk spoiling it, I am trying to take them during the day as a snack. The first one was an orange and vanilla flavor CarbBoom and I'm delighted to report that it passed the test with flying colors. I have 3 more to try – one from PowerBar, another from Gu and the last is made by Crank Sports.
I am so lucky to live on Chicago's lakefront where the scenery is beautiful and there is a huge variety of birds. I mentioned the swallows a little over a month ago. Last week I noticed what my birding colleague identified as a Yellow Throated Warbler hiding in the hedge by Montrose Harbor. This morning I saw what I think was a heron (subject to review from my colleague). The heron was stood beside one of the lighthouse towers at Melrose enjoying the rain.