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Slow down, you move too fast

I've been really anxious about my long runs recently and as part of my preparation in the closing weeks I decided to re-read Hal Higdon's book “Marathon” where my training guide came from. I wish I had re-read it earlier. I was reading about pace for long runs it is clear that part of my trouble is that I attack my long, short and medium runs at the same pace. I just read this morning that a 20 mile run for example should be run in a 3-1 format with three quarters of the run at a pace 90 seconds slower than your race pace and the last quarter 30 seconds slower than race pace. This poses an interesting problem because unless I'm running with someone, I really struggle to peg it back out of habit I guess.
On the back of this new information, my 5 mile run this morning was my first attempt to slow down ready for my 20 mile run on Saturday. Running with Melissa usually means a 9 to 9:30 mile pace so this is where I need to be for my long runs. We ran the first 3 in 27:43 so an average of 9:12 per mile. Great! Mile 4 and 5 took 8:34 and 8:19 respectively which is slower than my usual pace so that was good but it was still 30 seconds too fast really. Does anyone have any good tips for slowing down when you run? I tried counting each footfall while running with Melissa and then tried to repeat the same tempo but I kept speeding up! Any tips would be greatly appreciated since I'm sure I can't be the only person to struggle at slowing down.
Lastly, the Nike+ site is launched today although I am unable to do anything but login at this point. I am attending an event at the Michigan Avenue Apple Store tonight (7/13/06) at 6.30pm where the Apple / Nike+ sport kit is launched officially. Hopefully I can win one since they are having some kind of giveaway. Other venues are scheduled around the US. Follow the “trial run locator” link on the nike+ site.