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Bring the Noise

Today's post title is inspired the chatty ladies who we came across today as I ran 6 miles, the first 3 with Melissa. At the end of mile 1 our path converged with one from Montrose Harbor and four women came bounding along the path and ran about 10 feet behind us. Over the volume of our respective iPods, Melissa and I could both hear these women yelling to each other as they ran. Our first thought was that their pace was a little faster than ours so they would pass us but instead they slowed down so we ended up closer to them than before. Finally I told Melissa we needed to go faster to escape and we pulled away. Even at a distance of about 50 yards I could still hear them over my music but eventually they were gone.
Yesterday when we averaged a 10:26 mile for the 4 miles but despite feeling sleepy and irritable we ran a 9:55 average pace for the first 3 and then as Melissa left I pushed it up to an 8:10 average for the last 3. I am re-reading many of the chapters of Hal Higdon's marathon for last minute tips on nutrition, tapering and other things ready for a week on Sunday and one of the tips about tapering is not to drop the intensity of the runs, despite dropping the distance. I figure an 8 minute mile pace is a good target for my remaining 5 runs before San Francisco. 21 miles to the marathon, 386 completed…