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I got a name….

…now all I need is a tagline. I've been trying to think of a tagline for WalkJogRun for some time and it occurred to me that some of the visitors to the site may have some good ideas.
If you could add a comment to this entry with your idea for the WalkJogRun tagline, the person with the best tagline will receive an official WalkJogRun t-shirt and see their tagline on every page of WalkJogRun for the thousands of visitors to the site each day..
The purpose of a tagline is to summarize the site's purpose for new visitors and distinguish it from other sites. Steve Krug, a usability expert, suggests that a good tagline should :

  • Be clear and informative
  • Not be vague or generic
  • Be long enough but not too long – six to eight words is ideal
  • Convey differentiation and a clear benefit

That said, here come the rules:
1. The competition will run from the release date of this post until noon on August 1st (Central Standard Time).
2. There will be only one winner selected by me on August 1st and the announcement will be made on this blog on August 2nd after the winner has been notified.
3. The winner will receive a free WalkJogRun t-shirt from the WalkJogRun collection in their size. The winner will be contacted by email and will need to provide a shipping address for the t-shirt and the size shirt they require.
Have fun and I look forward to seeing the ideas. Here are some of mine which don't quite fit:

  • Thousands of running routes worldwide.
  • Keeping track of the extra mile
  • Running routes for everyone
  • Running routes in every city
  • The community for running routes online
  • The birthplace of running routes online
  • Routes created by runners, for runners

This probably explains why I am having a competition :-)