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Lazy you just stay in bed

Yup. Today's run was postponed until tomorrow after I woke up and felt a little hungover after Melissa and I celebrated her finishing the bar exam yesterday. Tonight we're off to Everest restaurant to indulge her for her hard work – her own version of the marathon. 3 months of studying over now it's time to plan the wedding, eesh.
On the wedding front I am delighted to report that my employer Michael Silverman at Duo Consulting bought us an early wedding present in the form of an iPod Nano! Tomorrow I will head to the Nike store to pick up the sports armband and Nike+ Sport Kit to take with me on the marathon. I'm really excited and can't wait to try it out for real. It's great to work at a company like Duo which is small enough that the CEO still cares enough about the people who work at the company but large enough to offer the opportunities to work on bleeding edge web development projects. We're looking for new staff right now too so if anyone has a design or ColdFusion programming background take a look.