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Leavin, on a jet plane

Tomorrow we leave Chicago for San Francisco and I can't believe it's here. I'm excited and anxious at the same time. It's my longest run ever on one hand but on the other my training has been such a wonderful, life changing experience that it almost feels like just another run. I'm sure Sunday I'll have the jitters as I bounce up and down on the start line awaiting the release of our wave. I have my new iPod Nano and at lunchtime today I'll be picking up the Nike+ sport kit and an armband for me to run with it.
I just did my 2 mile run I postponed yesterday in 15:11 made up of an 8:03 mile followed by 7:08. This run was more than just 2 miles today though – it was the last training run of 18 weeks of commitment and focus. I really appreciate the support and interest of every person who has taken time out of their day to read my blog at some point. After the marathon there will be a week or so of no running followed by some gentle runs but I'm sure the marathon will provide enough material to get me through the week off :-) I can't use the category “My first marathon” after that though so I'm sure my flight home on Monday will involve some decision about my next race. I'm thinking a couple of 10k races perhaps or maybe a half marathon. Any suggestions for the category name post marathon? I think I'll sacrifice the song lyric post titles at that point and come up with a new gimick.
The next post will probably be Monday night or Tuesday morning and I'll hopefully be 26.2 miles older. Good luck to anyone else competing or running this weekend and if you see a British guy in San Francisco hauling ass up the hills in a singlet with the WalkJogRun logo give me a holler!