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Woah, oh, oh, I'm on Fire (after 20 miles)

Continuing the them of song lyrics to describe my run, thank you Mr Bruce Springsteen. Man, is it hot this weekend in Chicago. I started my 20 mile run at 6am and the heat index suggested it was 85 degrees. I prepared for the run with a good night of sleep and plenty of water […]

Keep on running – Apple and Nike+ Sport Kit Launch Party Chicago

Earlier today I mentioned I was heading over the Apple store for the Chicago launch event for the Nike+ Sport Kit. Well, it was at the Niketown store instead I discovered but it was on my way so all was well. The store was mobbed and I soon discovered the focus of the event was […]

Slow down, you move too fast

I've been really anxious about my long runs recently and as part of my preparation in the closing weeks I decided to re-read Hal Higdon's book “Marathon” where my training guide came from. I wish I had re-read it earlier. I was reading about pace for long runs it is clear that part of my […]

Long may you run

Today marked the longest midweek run of my marathon training at 10 miles and it was exhausting. Getting up at 5.45am is hard enough as it is, let alone with the prospect of 10 miles ahead. It was 73 degrees for the run which isn't bad but with 87% humidity I was soaked when I […]

Have you ever seen the rain?

I woke up to the sound of cars driving in the rain and knew it would have to be a 5 mile run without music today. The good news is that with it came some cooler temperatures. It's 67 degrees right now which is great for running in. After a hard run on Saturday with […]

Hot in the city, hot in the city tonight

Well maybe not tonight but right now the weather on yahoo claims that it is 83 degrees but to me it felt more like 90. Today I had a long run of 14 miles which should have been easier than it was. At mile 12 I had to take it down to a brief walk […]

Calorie Counter and Status Panel

I've just finished (yes it's 11.49pm) adding a status panel for WalkJogRun such that when you are viewing an existing route or creating your own, a panel appears in the bottom center of the map to allow you to see the distance, time, speed and calories burned with every click. The calories calculation is currently […]

New Logo

I decided that I was sick of the putrid yellowish color header and that the blog should reflect it's relationship to the main WalkJogRun site so you may notice the new logo and header. If you still see the yellow you may have to force hit Control+F5 to force the changes to be picked up. […]

You spin me right round, baby right round

Today I had 5 miles to run but I was feeling a little sleepy as I trekked across the park to my start line. That explains why I went to the wrong start line on my loop: I have a 3 mile loop so 5 miles is 1 lap plus 2 miles. Since I know […]

Cool 9 miles

What a glorious day to run 9 miles! It was 65 degrees at 6am when I began my run this morning with Melissa so the first 3 miles flew by (as they always do when I run with someone else). She cut out after the first lap of our 3 mile loop and I ran […]