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Quick July 4th 5 miler

Back on the trail again today after a day off since my big 18 mile run on Sunday. Yesterday was pain free surprisingly enough and today went very smoothly. The first 3 miles were with Melissa and then I added a 7:32 mile and then a personal best of 6:35 for the last mile! This […]

18 Miles Done!

On a muggy Chicago morning I left the Fairmont at 7.30am and walked to the start of my 18 mile route. We were staying at the hotel as a special treat for Melissa as she moves into the last month of bar preparation. The massage yesterday was great and really helped put me in a […]

Evading 18 miles

After taking an early flight home from DC this morning and more importantly, not quite enough sleep last night and a little Guinness and pizza, I decided that the 18 mile run today would be better tackled tomorrow under the circumstances. If I start early I can also try to avoid some of the heat […]