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30 miles short with 2 days left

Yet I'm still 4 miles ahead of my target. I'm going to send Nike a screenshot of my goal from the Nike+ site to let them know there may be a bug with their goal calculations. I certainly don't think I'll be running 15 miles comfortably each day for the next 2 days :-) This […]

Calibrating the iPod Nano Sport Kit

I finally made a point of calibrating the Sport Kit this morning after over 5 weeks of threatening to do it! I decided to run downtown to the track at Lake Shore Park where it is rumored Oprah trains. According to my math on WalkJogRun it should be 4.21 miles each way. I reached the […]

Sluggish but running

This week I feel like I've been drugged every morning when I get up so the whole day has been spent in a daze. This morning is no exception and so it was a sluggish 3 mile run this morning at 30:26. Yawn. I hope something changes today and I start to feel a little […]

Sunrise in bed

After 5 consecutive days it caught up with me and I took the morning off from my 3-5 mile runs to enjoy the sunrise from my bed. I love watching the cat bound around the bedroom chasing the light as it peeks through the cracks in the vertical blinds and scatters across the floor. Tomorrow […]

Easy 4 miles puts me back on track

I've been breaking the rest rules and have just returned from my 5th consecutive day of running. I've not been pounding out long miles though – just 3 or 4 mile runs. Today was a slow 4 mile run with Melissa at 39:59 but it felt good to take it back down after a fast […]

Lance Armstrong on my iPod Nano

This morning Lance Armstrong was on my iPod after the Sport Kit reported my run statistics to inform me that I had reached a personal best for the mile of 6:31. It's fun to hear a famous athlete's voice announce your success. Today I ran a 5k at 7:01 per mile but for the 3rd […]

Chicago Air and Water show part 2

I should have known better than to run towards the mayhem of the Air and Water show given my irritable disposition when it comes to pedestrians. The crowds were flocking early to get a seat so there was the usual trouble of people walking along the path clueless that there are people exercising who risk […]

Holy Low Flying Aircraft

I thought I was going to hit 6 today but a last minute change of plans due to the failure of the Holiday Inn to block off rooms for our wedding in 5 weeks had me frantically calling around hotels. After the calls I decided to address the problem of my Nike iPod Sport Kit […]

Exhausted but still running

After my commitment yesterday to running today I managed to get up and run 3 this morning for an average of 8:12 per mile. This week I've only been out twice so far as things have been crazy at work but next week should finally bring some relief. Melissa is home from Boston today too […]

Lots of excuses

I could tell you it's the 6 mile Kayak paddle I did last night to see the fireworks at Navy Pier here in Chicago. I could tell you it was the knock on effect of working until nearly 1am the day before and then waking up at 6am as the company I work for moved […]