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On the road again…

Yesterday was my first post marathon recovery run and it felt great! Nothing fast – just a steady 9:18 per mile and it was good to be stretching everything out again. A slight twinge in my left foot on the side but nothing sharp, stabbing or painful. I took today off as a precaution and will run Friday and Saturday. The Friday run will be a little closer to my normal pace and then the Saturday run will be a 10k at whatever feels comfortable.
I wanted to repost an important comment I added to my iPod Nano Sport Kit review. For anyone considering the iPod Nano Sport Kit but worried about the limited choice of shoes (or having to buy a new pair) – have no fear! I read an article online about using one of those handy dandy key pockets for your shoe to place the sensor in there. I ran the marathon with my sensor in there on my regular running shoe and it worked perfectly! The sport kit is precalibrated and over the marathon distance 26.2, it reported 26.9 miles so out of the box it was almost fine for me. I will calibrate it this weekend at the local 400m track and I expect the accuracy to dramatically improve. The bottom line is that if you own an iPod Nano, 30 bucks for the kit is great value when you combine it with the fantastic Nike+ website which logs your runs and helps you create goals for your training. Now that the limitation of nike+ shoes is gone it really is an essential piece of running kit in my mind. I run in Nike Air Structure Triax 9 shoes which are a little wider than the Nike+ models so I am delighted not to have to switch.
I'm stuck on the tagline competition since we discovered the original winning entry was too similar to the US track and field tagline so I'm trying to work out how to declare a winner. The other entries are all close but nothing jumps out at me the same as “Map it, share it, run it” just yet.
I've set my goal for the next 4 weeks to running 80 miles, or 20 miles a week. That means 10 miles midweek and 10 miles on a Saturday. The first week will really be easy runs to recover fully from the marathon and then the rest of the runs I'm shooting for 8:30 mile pace.