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Tight Hamstrings and a new release of WalkJogRun

Since my 3 mile run on Friday morning my the top of my hamstrings near my glutes have been a little tight. I'm sure I overdid it running so fast so soon after the marathon. It's not unbearable but a little uncomfortable. I took the opportunity to rest yesterday and today so I'll get back on track tomorrow.
I've just updated WalkJogRun with the code I've had in development for some time. Here are the highlights:

  • Create a route button – allows you to clear the points off the map so you no longer need to avoid starting a route at the exact starting point of a previous route.
  • Find a route link – once you are clicking around the tabs you can lose the place where you search for routes so I created a link permanently on the screen.
  • New logo – Jeff refined the logo and added the tagline from the competition winner “Putting runners on the map”
  • Powered by BlueDragon logo – I wanted to acknowledge the folks at New Atlanta for the donation of a license to power the site.
  • Elevation – I've added elevation lookups and created a way to summarize the elevation change from gentle to severe. This information now appears as you click on the finish pin while you are creating a route and on the route pin when you are viewing the route overview.
  • Distances are now shown in both Miles and KM for the route overview.
  • Saucy icons from FamFamFam for most of the operations and a simplified layout should make the interface a little cleaner. Route overviews also include a clickable link to view more routes by the person who created the route.

Let me know what you think and, as always, let me know if there is anything you would like to see on the site.