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Late nights and late mornings

I'm already 2.5 miles behind my goal of 80 miles in the next month after a weekend of debauchery. This last week I've not been able to get myself in bed before midnight so the 6am rises have been pushed back to 7am and I've been dragging my heels when it comes to getting out to run.
I'm a little confused about my iPod Sport Kit. The run I usually do which I measured at 3 miles showed up on Friday as just under 3 miles (consistent with the marathon difference) but today it reported 2.62 miles which is much further off. I tried a different setting today by selecting a 3km by accident instead of the 5k I wanted to try so I just carried on running. The only other variable was that the sensor may not have been correctly aligned in the shoe pocket. Besides that, the run was identical so it seems wierd it would have changed. My time was 24:57 so by my traditional measurements that is 8:19 per mile. If nothing else, the discrepancy will get me out of bed early tomorrow morning to run again so I can try to track down the problem. I will also try and head to a 400m track tonight to recalibrate for my own stride. Time for work…