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Go to bed!

I am determined to get in bed before 11pm tonight after the last 5 nights of late nights through work and a hectic weekend. I ran this morning again despite the late night but it feels almost like I'm having an out of body experience. My body runs and by mile 3 as I reach the end I feel like I am starting to wake up. Today the iPod under-reported the mileage again so I'm determined to calibrate it now. It's no fun running a 7:40 mile to be told by your mis-calibrated iPod that you ran 8:51 mile pace and just 2.6 miles. And, before you ask, yes I'm certain the distance is 3 miles. Actually it's just a touch over 3 miles and having run 26.2 miles at a 9:25 pace I can comfortably say that today was faster than 8:51!
I'm probably sounding grouchy but I'm tired. I was going to get the house clean tonight for my trip to New Hampshire tomorrow night and pack my bags but some continued trouble with a website at work has kept me in front of the computer til 10:40pm again. Arg. So that means instead of a run in the morning I now have to tidy the house and pack. You may see a post tomorrow but if not expect something from Saturday when I try to run somewhere in New Hampshire. I'm staying at an Inn in Franconia NH. It looks really hilly and I'm not sure where to run since Google Maps (and hence WalkJogRun) have no map resolution for that region. What is more interesting is that Google Maps and the Google Maps API version used for WalkJogRun have two different names for the same road! Is it Profile Road or Franconia Road? Enough now – I'm off to bed.